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life in 2020+

This past year, Wondern Awe has been in a sort of hibernation stage. We were able to do one workshop, sell some wares through our online shop, and have lots of conversations about what is next.

In the Fall of 2020 Wondern Awe moved into a small studio space which has been a sanctuary for both of us, as we both have not only been navigating the continuation of family management, homeschooling, and all things Covid and 2020 related, but also both ended up in drawn out moving situations.

This week, Sara and her family move to a 12 acre farm near Muncy, PA. Once the dust settles, Sara hopes to share more about that, which is sure to be another adventure in seeking wonder and sitting in awe.

There will now be 2.5 hours between us instead of the 30 second walk between our front doors on Baynton St.

We stay curious about how this project of Wondern Awe will move forward and stay hopeful in seeing what God will do.

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