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Wondern Awe is a small non-profit consisting of Sara Klein and Anne Macha.  Our mission is to share what we are learning about the Creator and the Created through our own creative processes . Wondern Awe Studios offers tools and art work to celebrate the creative endeavor of growing the imagination, so that one can live in wonder and awe. 


Sara Klein

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Sara is a daughter of the King, wife, homeschooling mother to 4 and a homesteader. She currently lives in North Central PA with her family on a small farmette and spends her days

feeding her animals and her humans, tending fires, digging in the dirt and enjoying the view.

Sara received her BFA in Jewelry/Metals/CAD-CAM from Tyler School of Art, Temple University and 

her passion for materials and the way things work has continued and grown through the years.

Although much of her day is doing chores or schooling the kids, Sara loves to also read, cook, organize, garden, thrift shop, think and have long conversations with her husband.  She is thankful for all of His good gifts

and the desire He has given her to find truth, goodness and beauty in the everyday.


A. E. Macha

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Anne is an educator + illustrator.

She graduated from Arcadia University in 2003 with a BFA in Illustration and Cert. in Art. ED.  She recently completed a MBA in Organizational Management at Eastern University in 2023.

Anne lives in Glenside, PA. with her husband Josh, her two teenagers, and her parents.  She is learning to celebrate the small wins and is confident of God's enduring love . She is a fan of 90's hip-hop, thrift stores, and Chicago style popcorn. 


Published work:

Illustration for Mission Accomplished New Growth Press ( February 2015)

Illustration for The Gospel Story Bible New Growth Press (November 2011)

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