We are two moms who know struggle and trauma.  We share similar stories of growing up in broken homes, and continuing these hard and sometimes disappointing family relationships. We understand Jesus is bigger than these heartaches. We understand He rose from the grave to conquer death. We understand He fully knows us and loves us completely.

And yet, each day, these beautiful truths are not ruling our lives, and are not driving out fear. Where is the disconnect? Why is our practical theology so far from what we understand?

Brene Brown writes, “We are born makers. We move what we’re learning from our heads to our hearts through our hands.”

This has become our mission: to push each other past “I understand” in our heads; to be interactive in our relationship with Jesus through our hands; to be completely transformed by the experience of Jesus in our hearts.


Sara Klein

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Sara is a wife and homeschooling mother of three.  Sara received her BFA degree from Tyler School of Art, Temple University where she studied Jewelry, Metals and CAD-CAM.   Her professional life included stints as a CAD-CAM modeler, designer and prototype creator.   However, none of these things could adequately prepare her for the challenge of motherhood…or homeschooling!  Sara currently runs a Classical Homeschooling community, tutors SAT students, teaches Sunday school, sings on her worship team and tries to find time to take a  shower.  Her primary artistic pursuit is the art of finding the beauty of the everyday.


A. E. Macha

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Anne is an educator + illustrator.

She graduated from Arcadia University in 2003 with a BFA in Illustration and Cert. in Art. ED.  Anne lives in Philadelphia, PA. with her husband Josh, where she is currently homeschooling her two kids after eight years teaching in the classroom.  When not teaching, drawing, or cooking,  Anne is usually thrifting, sewing, or most likely praying for patience and a guarded tongue, while standing at her front door, waiting for her kids to put on socks and shoes. She is a fan of 90's hip-hop, dresses with pockets, and Chicago style popcorn.


Published work:

Illustration for Mission Accomplished New Growth Press ( February 2015)

Illustration for The Gospel Story Bible New Growth Press (November 2011)