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Joy, Sorrow and Icebergs: A Prayer

Updated: Feb 4

LORD Jesus, beautiful One I adore. 

I confess that I often focused on my own suffering this last year and missed the opportunity to feel your joy.      

Often, I miss other people’s sorrow and the opportunity to share your joy with them.  

Often,  I have lived dangerously, like a ship skirting an iceberg, focusing on what’s above the surface and ignoring the dangers lurking below.  

I have missed many chances to deal with what’s underneath because I easily forget that I am a duality; flesh and spirit, spirit and flesh.

Help me to be close to this gospel paradox that affords me with your Joy in my sorrow.

LORD Jesus, give me Valley Vision, that in the depths, I may see you in the heights. 

That in my sorrow, I may experience your joy. You have given me life when I was still dead!  You have brought me into the light, and out of my darkness.  

Help me to remember that Joy, is the truth. 

It is the good, strong, beautiful, and pure truth rising to meet, match, and swallow up, any army of grief or sorrow I  have to give it.  

Help me Lord, to remember these things when the swell of sorrow threatens to capsize my hope.  Let your Joy and Truth be ever surging against the tides of circumstances, suffering, grief, and lies. 

Thank you for these gifts. Amen.

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