A high quality Giclee Print on Somerset Velvet paper from our Spring 2019 Snatches of Speech collection.  



There cannot be resurrection without death. His is an upside down kingdom. The first became last. He gave up His station, His glory, His power, His seat on the throne so that one day, He could share them with us. His humility must be our example in the way to holiness, on the path to Christ-likeness. We should not consider it robbery or charity or anything else to lower ourselves to the very bottom, especially since we are already dwellers of the deep. He who is worthy came to the depths, our depths, and sat with us. His entry into the world created the first rung on the ladder to heaven with him. And when we think about that lowly entry, that His coming down is our way "up", it is easier to understand the Christian life, our change and renewal comes in an upside down way.

The Way Up is the Way Down original artwork by A.E. Macha


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