Courage, Dear Heart silver spoon cuff

The COURAGE, DEAR HEART spoon cuff is an offering from our "Ebenezer Collection."   The name Ebenezer means “stone of God’s help.”  (1Sam 7:12)  Our Ebenezer Collection offers objects that remind us of the glimmering truth, goodness and beauty from God’s word.


Using silver-plated spoons, this hand-forged and stamped bracelet celebrates the idea of having COURAGE, DEAR HEART from Lewis' Voyage of the Dawn Treader.   Each cuff can be bent to fit wrists 5.5-6.5."  Your purchase includes our simple COURAGE, DEAR HEART devotional.  This one-page devotional is designed to be used as a liturgy guide, it includes a scripture passage, a prayer, and a short sharing from us.  Want to know more? Catch a glimpse here.  


Designed to complement our other resources, we recommend you use it along with our 30/30 journal booklet and our liturgy keeper to bring you a daily dose of glimmering glory.

Courage, Dear Heart silver spoon cuff

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