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WnA Fall Line Up 2019

After a couple months off from our own creative work, we are feeling the need for some structure. We like to offer drawing challenges and join other drawing challenges because it gives this structure and also helps build that muscle we need to maintain a liturgy of sanity to combat the hurricane of thoughts that usually rule our minds.

Wondern Awe began out of our shared need for a tool in this constant struggle of maintaining a daily habit of seeking God in prayer and scripture and also a physical need to make something.

One of the many stories that I refer to often is one from my college ceramics professor. She told us about her friend who would start their day, every day, by going to their wheel and throwing a mug. This was their centering practice for the day, like a morning run. Hearing this instantly reminded me of Anne of Green Gables' view of prayer. She questioned why one must kneel by their bed to pray, she offered the alternative of going into a field and just feeling a prayer. I love that.

The act of getting tactile, using our hands, makes the 'read your Bible, pray everyday' mantra a wholistic experience. Drawing as a part of liturgy is not for everyone. We offer it as a simple way to either strengthen skills if one desires to draw well, an easy way to create liturgy with children, or as low stakes daily doodle. We encourage ones who are interested in a 30 liturgy challenge ( can you tell we are struggling knowing what to call these?) to find a means of making or moving to fully experience what can come out of a daily practice of stilling your heart and mind before God.

OK, so for September we invite you to join us in our 3rd season of drawn to the light, our original drawing liturgy challenge. This theme is based on the observation of the play of light and darkness in our lives and nature and how it all points back to the Gospel.

We will be sharing more about this in our next journal entry.

Inktober is a drawing challenge that happens every October and thousands of artists participate, so even if you don't want to do this challenge, following it on instagram can be really fun!

The focus is black and white illustration and this is when I love to break out my pocket brush.

The list of prompts is published on September 1st. We will be sharing it on our Instagram.

So no drawing challenge for the month of November, because we will be getting ready for our 2nd annual WnA Holiday Maker's Market ! This market is a small curated event where we invite local makers to sell their giftwares.

Friday Dec. 6th, 2019 6-10pm

Saturday Dec. 7th 2019 10-4pm

at Trinity Lutheran Church

235 Summit Ave

Fort Washington, PA 19034

For the month of December, we will be doing our 3rd season of our drawing liturgy for Advent, enchanted reality. This theme is from one of our favorite things to talk about: fairytales and the Gospel.

You can read more on this HERE.

So we hope you will join us this Fall to combat the busy schedules with 5 or 10 minutes of drawing (or your chosen form of creative processing) a day part of your liturgy practice. We do this for our own sanity and invite you to as well! We also love getting people to be doing things so if you want encouragement or have questions, just email us!

- a

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