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Enchanted Reality: a drawing liturgy for Advent

Updated: Nov 22, 2021

HOW TO get a dose of sanity through the liturgy of drawing:

Step 1: You need something to draw on- set a size limit
(or buy our enchanted reality book at our WnA Holiday Maker's Market on December 1st!)

By "something" we mean get a notebook or sketchbook or even a stack of copy paper. You need something designated to do all your drawings on. For our own drawings, we revamped our Enchanted Reality booklet into a square format on a lovely linen paper. Only $3 at our WnA Holiday Maker's Market on December 1st!

It is important to limit the size of the drawings so that this everyday practice is manageable, repeatable and feasible during this always-crazy-even-when-you-try-to-keep-things-simple season.

We want you to get through the prompts and we want you to finish the whole challenge and hey, so do we.

Step 2: CREATE A TIME AND PLACE...or you won't do it (you know it's true!)

Just like any act of devotion or worship, you the worshipper, need to make room for the child king this advent season. Choose a place in your house that makes you feel comfortable and inspired. If you don't have one, make one! I have 2- both are by a window and catch the most glorious morning light. Store your booklet and drawing materials close by so you don't waste any time looking for a sharpener, eraser or even colored pencil. Time is precious, and trust us, you'll be glad you did. This is a devotion and should be treated as an act of worship. Set aside a specific time to do this. Plan extra time to search for ideas and inspiration in books or online. like Joe Strummer says, "No input, no output." There is truth in beauty and it helps to take time to be inspired. We are also planning on doing this with our children as part of school, our first "subject" of the day. We are excited to think through these prompts with our children and to consider them in the light of the gospel. We are excited to see how our kids and how you interpret them! I am longing to claim some magic of His salvation and to be encouraged in my faith this Christmas.

Most days, I am planning on doing it first thing in the morning. I need to at least start the process before my household wakes up. After I walk my dog, this little spot ( above ) is where I drink my coffee, pray and read. I plan to add my drawing time!

Step 3. SELECT A COLOR PALETTE, keep it limited

This is a loose suggestion, but it's one that we feel will give you great success and visual satisfaction with your end product. If you look at old fairy tale books or illustrations, there are color palette that are so striking and help to tell your story. Pick colors you are drawn to and love, so that you love your drawings! This may be hard to do, but you could even think about colors you are always drawn to, your sheet patterns, your !clothing colors, throw pillows, even your Pinterest boards can give you clues to the color combinations you are naturally drawn to! I adore loveprintstudio 's "colour crushes"!

They are so inspiring and fun!

Step 4: Follow the prompts and do a drawing for each day of December.

Get what you know in your head to your heart through your hands and reclaim the magic of Christmas through the liturgy of drawing. Not just any drawing, but entering into the gospel beauty and experiencing it as an Enchanted Reality.

We hope you make union with Christ part of your everyday liturgy. We hope this advent season, maybe even through this drawing challenge, you find deeper meaning to the gospel's enchantment. We pray that this fairy tale becomes part of your every moment reality and through the practice of creative liturgy, you find a new way to connect with the creator GOD.

Can't wait to see your drawings- please share with #enchanted reality , #advent2018, and #wondernawe

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