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Enchanted Reality artist book by A.E. Macha

Enchanted Reality artist book by A.E. Macha


This is a 20 page 5x7 perfect bound book printed in full color on Felt Weave paper. 

Includes 25 illustrations by A.E. Macha and  enchanted reality: union with Christ and the true fairytale (a Wondern Awe journal post Nov. 23, 2018) by A.E. Macha and Sara A.E. Klein. 


This book contains my drawings for the Enchanted Reality: A Drawing Liturgy for Advent from 2017. As I followed the daily one word prompts, a story of adventure and friendship developed. After my family’s recent move, I found the original book of these drawings and was so thrilled.  I really like this series and wanted to share it again as a book. I scanned my originals drawn on paper and redrew them in Procreate.  This was the first time I revisited old artwork and in the redrawing, I found a new space as an artist which is such a gift as it is tempting to get sick of your creative endevours, as things seem to go stale so quickly. 

The story is open to interpretation, as each viewer’s imagination will add to what is on the page. 

How wonderful.  

Hope you enjoy it. 

- A.E. Macha 


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