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Low Anthropology  original artwork by A.E. Macha

Low Anthropology original artwork by A.E. Macha


***please note prints are NOT available for local pick up***


A high quality Giclee Print on Somerset Velvet paper from our Spring 2019 Snatches of Speech collection.  


This phrase came from the Mockingbird Ministries and echoes an idea we were made familiar with through Jack Miller. “Cheer Up, you’re worse than you think, but more loved than you can ever imagine” he’d say. This is a concept of comfort, because it is true. We know it deep within ourselves. This idea reminds us that our state of being in Christ is both unworthy and beloved, it is the paradox that we struggle to sit in daily as believers. It also reminds us that we must not be strangers to our need for salvation. If we don’t see our need, we can’t see the blessing.

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