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ISAIAH keychain

ISAIAH keychain


***please note each keychain is one of a kind, so you will not be picking out a specific word***


The ISAIAH keychain is an offering from our "Ebeneezer Collection." 

The name Ebenezer means “stone of God’s help.”  (1Sam 7:12)  The Ebenezer Collection are objects that act as reminders of the glimmering truth, goodness and beauty from God’s word.  


 “When God gives an analogy to describe himself, he is revealing himself in relationship to us.”   

                                                                                             - Barbara Juliani 


In the book of Isaiah, God names himself using over one hundred analogies.  Each of our hand stamped brass keychains bears one of these names.  May you be reminded of God revealing himself to you, wherever you go.  


Your keychain will come with the reference scripture so you can hold on to a new way of God revealing himself to you. 


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