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the GLORYSCOPE workshop

“The physical world is full of amazing things. It was created as a daily reminder that there is a bigger story, and although we are a part of this story, we are not at the center of it. We call this glory vision. It is the ability to look at all the things around us big and small, and use the wonder we experience, to focus our eyes on the glory of God. Seeing this way, His glory becomes magnified. It is like using a microscope and a telescope at the same time. When we see things with wonder and awe, our eyes become a gloryscope."

-from Awe: Why It Matters for Everything We Think, Say, and Do by Paul David Tripp

Thanks to our generous supporters, we were able to create 16 art kits

and teach a 4 day workshop at a local teen shelter in Philadelphia. We chose our GLORYSCOPE project because this developing of one's eye is a fundamental aspect of our work here at Wondern Awe. We hope to come back and do more workshops and we are also developing online content for our GLORYSCOPE workshop.

Be Encouraged. Look for TRUTH, GOODNESS, + BEAUTY today.

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