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Updated: Mar 31, 2022

A.E. Macha

What happens when the anticipated Christmas is a bust? When there’s a leaking pipe in the wall, a wave of the flu and a positive Covid test?

How do you keep the magic when the kids are older, don’t want toys, don’t want anything, and there are not many gifts under the tree?

As I continue to process life and my thoughts, I am not sure what I have to offer.

So I will share three things that are good, beautiful, and true. (Yes, this is soooo classical, but it's also very Philippians 4.)

The Good- Welcome to Earth series on Disney+

I recommend watching this series as it really showcases the experience of being in awe of the Wonders of creation around us. There is so much I can not reason with, or figure out right now, so resting in just being in awe of something bigger than myself is lovely.

A streak of bioluminescence in the water of Mosquito Bay in Puerto Rico


2. The True- Facts are not Enough

This is one of my favorite things to listen to, Madeleine L’Engle talking about the Importance of Fantasy. I find it super encouraging and affirming of my faith.

The part where she states that fact is not enough for truth, sticks with me. As Christians, we cling to the Glorious Impossible, which is restful to me as the mystery is something I cannot figure out but can rather just enjoy.

3.The Beautiful- Read a Poem

Not feeling my usual Advent studies, I jumped on an Instagram bandwagon when someone asked if anyone wanted to join in a group reading “Waiting on the Word” by Malcolm Guite. He shares a poem a day for Advent and then talks about it. Some of it was just ok and some of it was really brilliant. A meet up with some old friends introduced me to one of my most favorite things this year. We were talking about how we were not always into poetry, but how right now, it’s extremely enjoyable. Is it our middle age-ness? Is it all things 2020+? Who knows. Anyway, she shared that she has been reading one poem a day and shared this poem which I am claiming as my theme song for 2021. It is exactly how I feel. And It’s really beautiful.

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