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P+Dw/WnA Summer Art Camp 2020

Sitting here deep in hibernation mode, we are scheming on one of our favorite Wondern Awe projects: Summer Art camp. This will be our third year hosting a small curated summer camp experience for the kid who loves to make things. We really enjoy guiding our campers through the creative process as we lead them through projects where we give the structure and they choose the subject matter. We have one one one crits daily to check in with each camper, where we give guidance and encouragement. Each afternoon is Maker's Space, where we bring in random objects and cardboard and glue guns and lots of glue sticks. This gives the campers time and space to process their ideas from the morning sessions with their hands as they make anything from a factory, a food truck, or simply keep drawing in their sketchbook.

Because we are a small camp, we have the flexibility to respond to the needs of our campers on a day to day basis. We use the outdoor space or the park around the corner, when we need to run, or sit in some sunshine. We use the air conditioned inside space to chill and watch Planet Earth when we need to rest.

We end the two weeks of art camp with a reception where each camper is invited to display their artwork with an artist statement. This will take place 3-4pm Friday July 10, 2020.

This week will be focused on board game design which lends to different levels of design input, from redesigning a known game, (Warriors Monopoly?) to inventing one's own world with characters, rules, and landscape.

This week will be focused on designing a deck of cards where each camper can design a deck based on one of their favorite story, make up a set of new characters, or design a personal style of playing cards.

We offer a discount for campers choosing to spend two weeks with us!

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