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Lenten Landscape Liturgy

Updated: Sep 16, 2019

For Lent, we are switching things up a bit. Our goal is to be simple and meditative. Instead of daily prompts, we have created weekly postures* based on the Valley of Vision prayer. The free printable booklet for this project is at bottom of post, along with instructions for creating the landscape piece.

This prayer by Arthur G. Bennett is the first prayer in The Valley of Vision, the collection of Puritan prayers Bennett published in 1975. We chose it because we find comfort in the words that embrace the paradox and acknowledge the valley. Our hope is these words will be truth kneaded into your hearts as well.

We have designed a calendar beginning on Ash Wednesday ( marked "W 14") which leads you through four days of specific preparation actions. These pages are all part of the free printable booklet at bottom of post.

For each of the following six weeks entitled Postures, we have designed actions to be used through out the week.

There is a spread for each of these Postures in the booklet, where you can keep track of your actions, and also write out scripture.

The Valley of Vision



We hope in joining us in this Lenten Liturgy, you will be blessed with a greater vision of who God is, and will be gripped with wonder and awe, as you sit in that vision, despite the valley.

Click on link below for complete printable booklet. We suggest using Adobe Acrobat to open file, and then choose booklet printing option. For square booklet, cut along the line at the bottom on printout.

We find encouragement in sharing this process with others. If you would like to join in the sharing please document your process with:

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